ARTA 2018 North London Best Restaurant & Takeaway

Arta awards Bayleaf Restaurant N20
Arta awards Bayleaf Restaurant N20

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We won the Asian Curry Awards 2014



It’s been 23 years since the Bayleaf journey began. In this time, we have won many awards and accolades through our takeaway delivery service. We are now proud to offer you a dining experience you have been waiting for, with a restaurant in Whetstone. It has always been and will be our policy that the quality of our food and service is second to none.


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Bayleaf Story

Our vision has been to provide a restaurant with a stunning ambience, where you will receive friendly and attentive service. We have introduced a completely new menu, using traditional cooking techniques and the finest ingredients money can buy. Our exclusive menu not only tastes delicious but also looks incredible on the plate – a feast for the eyes as well as the palate! Our award-winning and skilled chef’s will be using their innovation and creativity to refresh our menu every 3 months, so that we can offer you a different experience for every season. We wait to welcome you to our newly opened Restaurant on the Whetstone High Road.

Bayleaf Restaurant N20


As an innovative and forward thinking restaurateur and entrepreneur, Tofozzul Miah originally launched the Bayleaf brand in 1994 as a small takeaway on Whetstone High Road. Bayleaf’s reputation grew and grew as an establishment whose Indian cuisine was so good and irresistible that even after more than two decades, it continues to do excellent business. Much of this can be attributed to the high standards with which Miah likes to run his business.

After the huge success of his takeaway, in 2014, Miah took the decision to open a fully-fledged, fine dining Indian restaurant, appropriately named Bayleaf Restaurant, just a few minutes down the road from his existing business. The restaurant too became an instant success with a team of talented chefs producing well-made classical Indian dishes to ones which are modern and beautifully presented.

For Miah, the essence of good food is about fine ingredients and cooking them with recipes which ultimately give robust flavours as well as being familiar yet bringing modernity and refinement – whether it’s by feeding his clientele with classics or with sophisticated and elevated dishes that both surprise and catch the eye.

It’s a winning formula which Miah is highly adept at and one which he has acquired via his passion to learn as much about food and researching. Naturally, it helps if you have a passion for travelling too – whether its across India through to the Far East or the Emirates, he likes to be well-informed when it comes to dining trying out different eateries – from street food one minute to the finest of Michelin starred restaurants the next. If it feeds his mind, Miah will also ensure that what he has gained is in some way passed on to his clientele too for an even better experience.

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